With the help of Simon Venn (www.simonvenn.co.uk), we spent the morning marking out all the whole of the area, ready for excavation of the paths and the 2nd pond area. (for more detailed info about the plans, visit our website HERE)

Simon is experienced in such things and armed with a tape measure and a spray can, we measured and marked out all the areas using my design!



It was very exciting seeing this paper plan start to translate onto the real space!

First, the mammal area…..


MarkingOut15 MarkingOut14

Then, then the new pond and its bog area….

MarkingOut13 MarkingOut08 MarkingOut07 MarkingOut06 MarkingOut05 MarkingOut04 MarkingOut03

The giant bird box……


… and the paths to interlink all the areas….





With it all marked out, we were ready for Severn Trent’s Digger team! They very kindly agreed to support us and dig out the pond and the paths….



It is a very exciting time, as seeing it all marked out has made the whole project seem real. It is one thing looking at a plan on an A4 piece of paper…. it is a whole different experience when you see it marked out in the real space!