Today, I joined Simon Venn and an amazing team of managers from Severn Trent, to complete the next stage of the area.  Simon has been ensuring that my design has been translated into reality in the area and has coordinated all the work so far, as I have been working at Water Orton.  Severn Trent are supporting the project and their managers volunteered today to spend a day helping to lay the paths! With the forecast pretty dire to say the least, we were all ready to get wet….. and very muddy!

We had had two enormous bags of recycled tyre chippings delivered. This is what I had chosen to form the paths and working areas. The advantage of this material over bark chippings is that they do not rot down. I want a surface that will drain well and not become muddy. The path areas had been dug out and edged… all we had to do was lay a liner and then wheelbarrow an awful lot of chipping into these areas…..



The area was ready for us… if not rather muddy… this was going to be a challenge!




Pond&Paths15 Pond&Paths16

We started by cutting the weed control liner. This would form the base of the paths and work areas …..







There were a lot of wheelbarrow journeys to empty those bags and as the mud became more and more of a challenge, the area started to take shape…. and still the rain came down!




Pond&Paths36 Pond&Paths37



It was such a wonderful feeling to see these paths start to take shape and define the whole area…. what amazing team work, as by dinnertime, we had emptied all the bags and filled all the paths and most of the work areas…..




We will need to order another bag of chippings to finally finish off in the new year.  It was time to head inside into the dry and warm and join the children in the dinner hall for a Christmas dinner… most of seem to have grown a couple of inches due to the layer of mud on our wellies!


A really HUGE thank you to all these amazing Severn Trent volunteers who gave up a day in their warm, cosy offices to be in the cold, rain and mud to help us begin to create this special space. What a great end to the year and so much to look forward to in 2013!