I took a quick visit down to the WildLearning area after we had a snowfall.  I wanted to see if there were any signs of animals around. I have already been told that foxes frequent the school site and deer have also been seen here.

Straight away, I could see numerous fox prints, even as I walked across the school field and there was plenty of evidence that the foxes had ‘mooched’ around by the pond, and tracked across the area, seemingly coming and going under one edge of fencing.





The school has purchased a Bushnell trail cam and we will be setting this up to see if we can capture footage of these night time visitors.

Bushnell 2012

These trail cams are remote and use a passive infra-red sensor to detect body heat and movement. When they are triggered, the record video footage onto an SD card. We will then be able to upload any footage we get onto this website, showing evidence of the creatures visiting both day and night! They work we can do with the Bushnell will also fit in well with the IT curriculum as, amongst other things,  we will be creating little movies using the clips.

The whole area looked quite pretty in the snow….