I will be running a weekly WIldlife Club, which is going to be offered to one class at a time. This week, I had my first group of Year 6 who were keen to get going!

The first task was to set the Bushnells up in the school grounds. These are remote cameras that are triggered by movement and warmth to take images or a video and they are a fantastic way of discovering what is spending time in the school grounds when we have all gone home!


With a fresh covering of snow on the ground, we went down to the WildLearning area and could see clearly where something is coming under the fence… so that is where we set the first Bushnell. P1050336 P1050334


A few footprints led to another space under the fence, so we set the second one there. We will be excited to see if they have captured anything when we collect them in the morning and upload the footage from the SD card.

P1050339 P1050340 P1050341

We returned to the warmth of the kitchen area to make some feeders for our hungry feathered friends. Keep your eye out on the feeders outside Mr Buxton’s office.. there were 6 long tailed tits there today, along with goldfinches, chaffinches and a hungry blackbird!

We carved the middle out of an apple and then made a mixture of lard and seed and pressed it into the cavity…..

P1050342 P1050344 P1050343 P1050350 P1050349 P1050348 P1050347 P1050346 P1050345 P1050352 P1050351


Using a cable tie as a hanger, some of us then took them home and the others will be hung up in school tomorrow. I wonder what species they will attract??