We want to attract lots of wildlife to our new WildLearning Space and one way to do this is to feed the wildlife! There will be a big new bird feeding station to attract lots of different species, but we will want to watch these new visitors too! WildlifeKate’s design included a bird hide that we can all use at break times, dinnertime and in some of our lessons. This will allow us to hide from the birds so we don’t scare them and to be able to watch them through special windows.

There was a lot of work involved in building this….

DSC01052 DSC01059 DSC01060 DSC01061 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01070 DSC01071 DSC01082 DSC01095

and it even involved working in the dark, in the car head lights to get it finished!!

DSC01101 DSC01102 DSC01105 DSC01108 DSC01114 DSC01111

A selection of feeders will be hung from a special frame that has been created on the fence.


Over the next few weeks, we will be getting some new bird feeders and setting these up. I wonder how long it will be before we get lots of new feathered friends visiting?

A massive thank you to Mr Chadwick and his ‘team’ who have done a fantastic job for us!