The first thing we did in WIldlife Club was to go and check out our new WildLearning facilities! We all loved what had been built, especially the giant bird box which we all squeezed into! It was fun peeping out of the nest box hole and we can’t wait to have a go at building our own nests in there!

P1050558 P1050559 P1050560 P1050561

The bird hide is not yet finished yet. The hide flaps are going to have special handles and clips and the roof needs to be built, but we had fun trying it out and are looking forward to setting up the bird feeding station and seeing what visitors we can attract!

P1050562 P1050568 P1050563

It was unloading time next! WildlifeKate had a car load of wildlife bits and pieces for school! Some had been kindly donated after a warehouse clearance at Gardenature. A big thank you from all of us! There was also a nest box from HandyKam and a hedgehog box from Ark Wildlife. We had a good time sorting through everything and deciding which stuff could be used in school, how and where we could use them.


Our WildLearning area is going to be the best!! :o)