Year 3 are learning all about living things including barn owls, and there is nothing better than having the real thing in the classroom! Last week we had learnt a bit about barn owls, about where they live, the threats they face and how they are adapted. We also learnt some new vocabulary as well; we all knew the word ‘nocturnal’, but we also learnt ‘diurnal’ and ‘crepsuscular’! Do you know what they mean? If not, ask one of the year 3 pupils!


This week I had arranged for Stephen and Debbie from S&D Falconry to bring in a couple of their barn owls. They bought Molly and Fudge. Molly was raised in the house with Steve & Debbie and is amazingly calm and tame, meaning she is a wonderful bird to have in the classroom as the kids can get up really close to her and even stroke her! Fudge just cam out for a little while as he was a bit more ‘lively’. It gave us the chance to see the differences between a male and female barn owl though; the females are much bigger.

P1050874 P1050850 P1050839 P1050784 P1050777

We looked closely at all of the barn owl’s adaptations from her amazing talons to her facial disc, from her soft feathers allowing silent flight, to the pads on the underside of her feet to grip onto her prey. She even flew across part of the classroom.. we were amazed that we could not hear a thing!

We labelled a picture of her and some of us started some sketches on black paper.

P1050807 P1050795

Molly and Fudge visited four classes over the day and we all learnt so much and were thrilled to be able to see a barn owl so close. May be some of us will be lucky to see them hunting in the wild one day!

I took loads of photos and you can see all the others on our Flickr account HERE