As we near the nesting season, we at Wildlife Club thought we would have a go at building a nest! How difficult can it be… I mean, even a blue tit can do it!

We started by rummaging around the school grounds to see if we could gather some materials…. then tried to start by weaving a small circle to start us off. It took a lot of concentration and was surprisingly difficult.

P1050729 P1050731 P1050732 P1050733

After much weaving and arranging, our piles of sticks started to look a little like nests!

P1050734 P1050735 P1050736 P1050737 P1050738 P1050740 P1050741

We then collected some dried grass and leaves to line our nests. As time ran out, some of us gently lifted up our nests and placed them in the trees… they looked pretty good actually!

P1050747 P1050748 P1050749 P1050750 P1050751 P1050746

We were surprised  at how hard it was and have a lot more respect for the birds… it is certainly not as easy as it looks!