Over the Easter holidays, the first of the plants for our Wildlearning Area arrived. These have all been ordered from a company called Habitat Aid, who specialise in native British species. We had ordered plants for our two pond areas as well as wild flower plugs for other areas. When the pond was dug, we created mounds of earth. These mounds will be planted with wildlife flower plugs and then seeded with a mix that hopefully will create a wildlife meadow full of plants and flowers to attract all sorts of insects.

Year 4 started helping today but clearing these mounds of large stones. We then raked the area over to smooth it a little. Each child had a wild flower plug to plant. They had to dig a small hole and then carefully plant their plug. Pressing the soil gently around it, they then watered it in well. Finally they each had a handful of wildflower seed mix which they could sprinkle all around their plant. Again, this was watered in. The area looks so bare at the moment, it is hard to imagine what it might look like later in the summer… we hope it will transform beyond recognition!

The pond plants have started to go in as well. Some are being planted straight into the soil at the sides of the pond. Some have been sunk in little pots and some have been planted in matting ‘socks’ that are filled with special aquatic compost and then dropped into the sides of the pond. Some coir matting was also sunk into the edges as a planting medium. As the plants establish, this will gradually rot away.

Again, it all looks rather bare and uninteresting at the moment, but once these plants become established, the pond will transform and start attracting wildlife hopefully!

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