With a distinct improvement in the weather, I can see that the plants and seed we have planted over the last few weeks have started to establish. The areas that we seeded are just starting to ‘green’ as the seeds are germinating and the wild flower plugs look like they are establishing.



The pond is beginning to show early signs of life with our first Marsh Marigold flowering and we even have a small bit of frogspawn and a frog was sitting looking at us today! I was working with some year 6 pupils who were very excited! Some had never seen a frog or frogspawn before. They all wanted to touch it… it was quite a special experience to  have shared this with them! We also saw lots of pond skaters, some water boatmen and a couple of other diving beetles!




We have finished off the planting this week, with the rest of the tyres planted up in a shady area. These  are all planted up with shade loving wild flowers that are also attractive to moths and butterflies either with their foliage or their flowers. The whole area was then seeded with a nectar and pollen mix. This planting involved digging a lot of soil from a heap and wheel-barrowing it down to be placed around the tyres.P1060569



We did the same around the tyres we planted last week in the sunnier part of the area. The whole area was watered well as well as the ground is really dry in places. The ground is pretty rocky so some of the kids collected as many as they could for us to make rocky piles in our insect zone. This will create little crevices for insects to go in.



I feel we are actually beginning to get somewhere now…. a lot of work but, as plants start to grow and seed starts to germinate, we can begin to get a flavour of what this area might start to become in the the next few months….

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