As part of their work on habitats and living things, I we took a walk down to the lovely Hartshill Hayes; an amazing resource right on the school’s doorstep! We hope to be using this resource a lot more in the future. We all did a circular walk through the wood, looking at the different types of¬†plants and animals… we even saw a few butterflies!

Whilst on the walk, we also had to collect some things…. we all had to collect at least ten long sticks. These will be used to build a giant nest in our giant nest box! We also had to collect materials to make a ‘Woodland Critter’. We will all have a piece of clay and use the natural materials that we collect, to create our own creature. We will be doing some creative writing about these creatures too!

When we got back, we had a quick look around the WildLearning Area and WildlifeKate caught a little frog in the pond that we all had the chance to have a look! The wildlife is moving into the pond! We also saw some newts and some damselfies!