Our WildLearning area has coped surprisingly well over what has been a very dry summer holidays. The ponds, although a little low, still have decent amounts of water and the plant life around the edge and the invertebrate life in the pond  seem to be thriving!

The butterfly and moth planting has taken off and the Buddleia are attracting good numbers of butterflies! I spotted comma, red admiral, large white, small white and small tortoiseshell. There were also a number of red darters and other species of dragonfly and damselfly enjoying the pond habitats.

The grass and wild flower areas have coped pretty well and there were a number of bees and hoverflies on these as well!

We have also had a number of trees cut down around school so we have got some lovely big logs to create some new habitats and a feeding station within our Wild Learning Area.

Keep following our blog to find out all about the developments over the near academic year….