This academic year, my aim is to get children really enthused and actively engaged with learning about the natural world. One way of doing this is through interactive displays, where children are encouraged to come to the display on their own accord and learn whilst playing there.

I have commandeered a display space in the Year 6 area, that is in a shared space. It was not really a space that was used much before, so it was perfect!


My aim was to create an area called the ‘WildLearning Discovery Bar’ where there will be a selection of standard microscopes, digital microscopes and magnifying equipment and a range of interesting specimens that pupils can look at. I wanted to make the space exciting and engaging to draw children in. Using a selection of visuals, signage and books, I created this space….

P1000358 P1000357

I had almost finished the display at home-time and it was not long before the kids were interested enough to come in and take a look. The first comment from a Year 6 boy, as he looked at a honey bee under the microscope was “You have GOT to take a look at this… it’s awesome!” …. that proved to me it was going to do what I wanted it to do!

P1000359 P1000360

I will also be setting up a series of digital microscopes and some old PC tablets we have in school. This means that pupils can place a specimen under the microscope and see it on the tablet screen… they are going to love that!

I will be introducing the area to the classes once the digital microscopes are up and running and will be encouraging the children to bring in their own specimens that they may find whilst out and about. In this way, I hope we will build up a bank of interesting natural specimens that we can all take a closer look at.

P1000362 P1000363


Find a dead fly, bee, spider, an interesting leaf or twig? Bring it in and take a look at the Discovery Bar!!