I have started my Wildlife Club again and this week we were all busy on a theme of BIRDS! As you know, we have a wonderful Bird Hide overlooking a feeding station and we headed out there tonight to fill up all the feeders and put up some signage for a very exciting new scheme to be launched in school this week!







WildlifeKate wants to help us all learn how to identify some of the many birds that visit our school grounds. Many of these birds will also visit our own gardens! There is a special NEW challenge in school, where we all try to learn the names of common birds.

Level 1 is just 6 birds. If you can prove to WildlifeKate that you know them, you will earn a great certificate and badge. Level 2 takes the total up to 12 birds, where you will get a badge, certificate and a wildlife themed pencil, pen, ruler or pencil sharpener! Level 3 is the hardest as it is to identify 20 species of bird!! If you get this level, you will get a badge, certificate and a wildlife book!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

All the details about the scheme can be seen on our WildLearning website at http://www.mdjs-wildlearning.co.uk. Just click on the pictures of the birds at the bottom of the page!

To practise, you can use this website or you can go to the bird feeding station at break or dinner times and test yourself whilst watching the birds as well! Wildlife Club put up all the signage today to make it a really fun place to learn and spend your break time!

Wildlife Club are also learning more about hedgehogs and we will be setting up a Hedgehog Haven in the WildLearning Area. We already have a hedgehog box, so we took a look at it and thought about good places that it could go. Next week, we are going to get some hay and leaves to go in it and pop it right under the hedge so it is safe, protected and we will have to hope a hedgehog chooses to hibernate there!