Having Hartshill Hayes within walking distance from school as a very special bonus! This year, all parents have signed a consent form right at the beginning of term giving permission for their child to visit this space at any time. This is a great leap forward as it gives staff more flexibility to use the space, whether for a long focused session, or for a shorter period, possibly for a literacy starter or to collect materials and get stimulus for some artwork… the possibilities are endless!


Today, the whole of year 3 visited the Hayes as part of their plan to visit this wonderful space throughout the different seasons. This visit was focusing on seeds and Nature’s Harvest. We learnt all about the different types of seeds that we might find. Many of us did not realise that berries have a seed inside and that a conker is a seed!

Some seeds are really fluffy…. these use the wind to carry them to a new place to grow. We saw Rosebay Willowherb, thistles and dandelions that were like this.

P1000674 P1000663

Some plants make yummy berries for birds and animals to eat. The berry passes through their body and the seed can then grow in a new place. We saw lots of lovely Rowan, Elder and Hawthorn berries as well as rosehips and blackberries.

P1000668 P1000672 P1000667

We collected some examples to use in our follow-up research back in the classroom.



Not only did we see lots of seeds, but we also spotted some wonderful garden spiders (these have a white cross shape on their abdomen). We watched one catch a fly in its amazing web!


Everyone really enjoyed spending time outside in such a lovely setting and we saw and learnt lots about Nature’s Autumn Harvest.