After introducing the Bird ID Challenge into school last week, I was delighted to be greeted with hoards of pupils this morning, all wanting to be tested on their Level 1 Bird ID. Presented with both photos and drawings of the 6 species, they would have to get them all right to achieve their Level 1 badge!

I set up at a bench on the school field at lunch time and the queue to be tested snaked its way across the grass! It was obvious that children had been practising hard as 33 pupils I managed to test in the dinner hour, managed to get their Level 1 and went off proudly wearing their first badge!

Bird ID Testing2 BirdIDTesting

Very well done to all those who achieved it and sorry to those who I did not have time to test… I will be testing every Monday and Tuesday dinnertime so come and find me on the school field.

It is so FANTASTIC to see how keen everyone was and how quickly they learnt the birds…. keep practising in your gardens and at our feeding station.