Tonight, Wildlife Club welcomed Vicky from the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, to talk to us about a new scheme that they have launched…. ‘Help for Hedgehogs’. Our school has registered for the scheme and Vicky came and had a look at our Wild Learning area. Click on the hedgehog to go to the ‘Help for Hedgehogs’ page.


We have already done loads for wildlife and our log piles, safe pond, entrance spaces and leaf piles are all working well to make our grounds a Hedgehog Haven!! We even have a hedgehog hibernation house and we are going to create some more too.

Vicky talked to all of us about hedgehogs and the dangers they are facing and what we can do to help!


She left us a collection tin and some stickers.


We are thinking of making some hedgehog cookies and cakes to sell at school, so we spent the rest of our session doing some Internet research…. we need to get baking to help raise money for hedgehogs!!