We were busy at Wildlife Club tonight! We had positioned some large logs in our Mammal Zone to create a habitat for small mammals and for invertebrates that will provide food for both birds and mammals such as hedgehogs. There were lots of gaps, so we set about packing some of those gaps with leaves, which will rot down and with some bark chippings. These should speed up the rotting process, creating brilliant habitats for minbeasts…

P1010318 P1010324We also have a hedgehog house that we wanted to set up. It needed to be in a sheltered spot and away from where it might be disturbed. We placed some leaves inside and then pushed it right under the hedgerow, so if a hedgehog was ambling along under there, it might find it! We also collected lots of leaves and piled these up all around and all over the hog box for protection and insulation.

P1010314 P1010312 P1010310

We have not seen any evidence of hedgehogs in our WildLearning Area, but we are creating a habitat that is perfect for them, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

We also collected lots of seeds from the lovely Cosmos Daisies that are growing in our courtyard. These seem very popular with the bees and are still flowering profusely, right into October, with bees still visiting. We collected all the seeds and then sowed them in the Insect Zone of the Wildlife Leaning Area and hope they will germinate next year!

P1010306 P1010296 P1010304