It has been less than a month since we embarked on the Bird ID Challenge, with the aim of creating a scheme that would engage and enthuse children about the wonderful feathered wildlife resource right on their doorstep… birds that visit our school grounds and birds they are very likely to see in their gardens, parks and open spaces.

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The scheme has 3 levels, each encouraging children to learn to ID birds from an illustration and a photograph, which hopefully will mean they will able to start to recognise them out in the wild.

Level 1 challenges pupils to learn 6 common birds

Level 1


Level 2 adds 6 more, so a total of 12 birds…..

Level 2


… and the ultimate, is Level 3, which adds another 8 birds o make a total of 20 birds, all to be identified both from these illustrations and a photograph.

Level 3

Slideshows of each level are available on our WildLearning website HERE where you can practise your skills! Level 1 gets you a cool badge and certificate. Level 2 gets you a cool badge, certificate and piece of wildlife stationery and Level 3 gets a badge, certificate and a Bird Book, with a book-plate inside, congratulating you on your achievement! A particular well done to all the Level 3 pupils, as this is an amazing achievement! We now have a showcase gallery on the website page so you can see who has risen to this level.

In the first 3 weeks we have had a phenomenal uptake with pupils queueing all their dinner times to get tested! To date, we now have an amazing 156 pupils on Level 1, 42 on Level 2 and a superb 24 on Level 3!

We reckon we are the only school in the UK with such ornithological pupils and WildlifeKate is hoping to get the press involved after half term. We are looking to see which class will achieve the accolade of all pupils achieving at least Level 1… Mr Groom’s class are leading at the moment! Mr Chiltern’s are creeping up on them, along with Miss Foster’s class! Teachers are trying their hardest too, with Miss Foster, Mr Chiltern, Mr Groom, Mr Colley, Mr Eardley, Mrs Pitts and Miss Mulheron all having achieved Level 1. Miss Foster is storming ahead  as she also has Level 2!

Don’t forget you have all of half term to get practising and we’ll see how many of us can manage to get a badge when we come back….