Tonight, Wildlife Club combined pellets with technology, when we dissected some barn owl pellets and then used our digital microscopes to take a closer look!

Most of the club had not heard of owl pellets, had never seen one and certainly never dissected one! We learnt that a barn owl eats its prey whole and that means that there are bones and fur inside the owl that cannot be digested. These elements are ejected, through the mouth, by the owl as a pellet. This pellet tells you all about all the creatures the owl as eaten as the bones can be analysed!

It is a fascinating activity and Wildlife Club were soon busy dissecting!

Once we started to find skulls, jaws and other bones, we started putting them under the digital microscope so we could take a closer look. It was fascinating to be able to see the skull, in particular. We looked really closely at the teeth and could clearly see the red tips on the teeth of the shrews.

A great session with lots of interesting finds, discovery and learning!