As part of Year 3’s exciting sleepover at school, we had a night walk in the school grounds to find out more about the nocturnal animals that are in and around our school grounds and to experience what it is like for those animals out and about in our school grounds at night.

Leaving our torches in the classrooms we ventured out into the night, following the paths we commonly take during the day at school! How different it all looked at night!

We walked down to the outdoor classroom and sat quietly soaking in the darkness and the night.

WildlifeKate had some nocturnal animal sounds loaded on her ipad and we listened to them and learnt a bit about them. We listened to the calls from the male and female tawny owl. These live in Hartshill Hayes and we now know what they sound like.


We listened to the screech like call of the barn owl that hunts on farmland around our school….


We also learnt about a nocturnal bird called a nightjar, that hunts moths and other insects at night with its big, gaping beak.

We looked at a bat detector and learnt about how a bat locates using sound…. echolocation and that a bat detector can pick up these sounds. We tried listening for bats, but as it is November and getting cold, most bats will be hibernating now.

Finally, we went and stood near the WildLearning Area and we played the sounds of the Tawny owl calls out into the night towards Hartshill Hayes. We hoped a tawny would hear it, think it was another owl and return the call. Sadly, we did not hear an owl call.

We agreed it must be quite exciting being out at night as a nocturnal animal and we learnt that the dark is not something to be afraid of.