With the Autumnal colours so beautiful at the moment and the rain just about holding off, Wildlife Club and I went down to Hartshill Hayes for our session. We wanted to see if there was any fungi around and just to enjoy the woods at this time of the year.


We followed the paths through the woodland, looking out on dead trees and tree trunks for signs of fungus growing. We also looked on the ground among the leaf litter. These fungi are so well hidden…. it took us a while to find some! We also learnt all about lichen and moss as many of the branches were covered in this too.

We found lots of lovely examples… we are not sure what they all are, but it was great to see all the different shapes and sizes….

On the way back, we had a look around the graveyard as old gravestones are great for lichen too. The ground is quite damp and mossy there and we discovered some different fungi… some stunning bright red ones that looked like little cherry tomatoes as they appeared in the moss. We also talked about how poisonous some of these are and that we should never eat any mushrooms found outside. We also washed our hands thoroughly when we returned.

The Autumn colours are just stunning and we couldn’t resist throwing a few leaves around before returning to school after a great hour out and about!

P1020118 P1020119

We were delighted, the following morning, to discover this cluster of Fly Agaric in the school grounds…. the classic fairytale mushroom which is very poisonous but very beautiful!