Year 6 are learning all about micro-organisms and decomposers as part of their Science work. One creature that is very important in the world of decomposers is the humble earthworm! To understand a little more about how worms do their job, we all went outside with a spade and dug up some lovely big worms. There was much excitement as we all wanted to hold them and take a closer look.

When we got back to the classroom, we used 2l plastic bottles to create some wormeries. We did this by cutting of the top of the  bottle and then filling it with alternate layers of sand and compost. We then put damp leaves on top and put our worms inside. The idea is that the worms will then move around in these layers, mixing it all up, as they do in the soil….. dragging nutrients down under the soil.

We will check next week to see how much they have moved the layers around.