This morning, I accompanied the four Year 3 classes to Hartshill Hayes. We visited in Autumn to look at seed dispersal and signs of Autumnn. Today’s trip was to look at the signs of winter and to see how the area had changed. Despite the gloomy morning, the children were excited to be out in the woods again and we spotted lots of bird nests in the bare branches as well as some squirrel dreys.

I also thought it would be a nice idea to use natural materials for their Christmas cards and so one of our focuses was to find some ‘antler-type’ twigs and some nicely shaped leaves that wold work as a Rudolph head. The kids were soon off in the undergrowth, looking hard for that perfect pair of antler twigs!!

LeafReindeer01 LeafReindeer02 LeafReindeer03

When we returned to school, I made up an example card and explained to the children how we were going to use out materials…. the leaves to make his face and ears, the twigs for antlers, hole punch circles for eyes and a red paper nose. Of course, a smattering of glitter was included too for good measure!

I think you will agree that the results were pretty impressive… so many different reindeer characters!!