With Big School Birdwatch almost upon us, Wildlife Club spent this week’s meeting making some new tasty bird feeders to hang up. We used softened lard and then mixed a range of seed and dried fruit into the lard… using our hands of course! It does get rather greasy, but it is great fun and your hands will be lovely and soft afterwards!





We wanted to make different shaped ones, including some circular disc-type ones we could hang up. We had a variety of little containers and also some pastry cutters. These are great for making hanging ones.  We took some cling film and lined the base and sides of the cutter or pot, leaving quite a big overhang. We then packed in as much mixture as we could, pressing it really firmly.






Once it was all packed in, the cling film allowed us to pick up the feeder out of the  container. We could make a small hole in it for the string and then wrap it up in the cling film ready to go in the fridge to harden.


They were looking good and very tasty!

We were also very excited to have a look to see what the Bushnell trail cam had captured. We took the SD cad out and popped it in the laptop and were delighted to find we had LOADS of clips! There were lots of several foxes visiting the feeding platform as well as some wood mice at night and some birds in the day. We will upload all of these clips and put them on the website. It is fantastic to see the hidden world of our school at night!