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Every year, the RSPB runs The Big (and Little) School Birdwatch, appealing for schools to monitor and log the species seen in the school grounds. This is an extension to The Big Garden Birdwatch. We have been doing lots of work in school over the last year, establishing a number of feeding stations around school and developing habitat areas. We have been running our Bird ID SCheme in school and this means that our pupils and staff are much more familiar with the species of birds that we are likely to see around here.

Today, we were doing our Big School Birdwatch and had all the feeders and feeding stations filled and primed, waiting for the visitors. It was a rather grey and cold day, but that was not going to stop us getting out and about in the school grounds.

WildlifeKate did some assemblies, explaining how we were all going to become Citizen Scientists as if we all did a little bit, we could achieve and collect a huge amount of data!



All the children who have achieved Level 3 Bird ID (being able to ID 20 birds) joined WildlifeKate on a tour of the school, armed with our RSPB checklist and some binoculars. We scoured the field for visitors, and were able to tick off some wood pigeons, carrion crows, magpies and a black headed gull. We spotted a few pied wagtaills on the edges of the playground and a few starlings up in a tree.



We headed to our WIldLearning area and our feeders and hide. It was pretty quiet, but a coal tit made an appearance for us….





We also have a feeding station right outside our dinner hall, so we can see it whilst we eat our lunch. This feeder attracts all sorts and we were able to tick of goldfinch. nuthatch, robin, dunnock, coal tit, blue tit, great tit and blackbird.

P1020916 P1020914

We also have a feeding station outside our offices and a bird table too. A few more species appeared here and we were pleased to have logged up quite a few.




You can see more of our photos from the day on our Flickr account, but our final species list to be submitted was:

Wood pigeon (15) , blackbird (2) , starling (4), pied wagtail (2), great tit (1), coal tit (2), blue tit (1), robin(2), dunnock (2), black headed gull (1), carrion crow (6), nuthatch (1), wren (1), magpie (4), chaffinch (1), long tailed tit (1), goldfinch (1)

Well done to all the enthusiastic children who scoured our grounds for birds…. it was actually quite quiet compared to some days on our feeders!