Tonight’s Wildlife Club was on a ‘Bone’ theme! I had just bought a great book by a very young author, Jake, who collects bones and has just had his first book published! We all had a look through it and learnt loads of interesting facts about all the different kind of bones there are and how they differ depending on what animal they belong to. We all loved the book and the way the information was laid out in a clear, concise, but interesting way. We liked the way the information was in small sections, making it easy to read and easy to understand.

Once we had all had a good look through, we had the chance to discover some bones for ourselves! We had some cool Barn Owl pellets to dissect. A Barn owl eats its prey whole and its stomach digests all the flash and goodness, leaving just the parts that cannot be digested. These are the bones and the animals’ fur. These parts are compressed inside the owl’s stomach and it then spits them out in a pellet. These pellets are fascinating to take apart as they tell us what the owl has eaten in a day. You can often find whole skulls of mice, voles, shrews and even rats!

We spent the rest of our session dissecting our pellets and we were amazed at some of the bones we found. We cleaned them and stuck them on a black piece of paper so we could look at them closely.