The Green Team met today and our challenge was to build some nest boxes for our WildLearning Area. Some of us were unsure as to what a nest box was and what kind of birds might choose to nest in them. We learnt that a Blue tit or Great tit would be most likely to use the box we were going to make. The hole size is 32mm and this is suitable for these species and sparrows. We don’t see many sparrows here.

WIldlifeKate showed up a blue tits nest from last year’s school nest box. There were two tiny blue tit eggs in there that did not hatch! We were amazed at how small they were. We tried the nest in one of our nest boxes to see what it would look like!

P1030237 P1030238

Mr Chadwick, the caretaker, had kindly cut the wood up for us into the correct sizes, but we had to figure out how it would all go together. It was like a Bird Box jigsaw!!

First, we needed to sand down the nest box to make sure it was nice and smooth…

Then we had to figure out which bit went where and then screw it all together, using our own screwdrivers. It was harder than we thought!

Once we had managed to screw it all together we were allowed to use the battery drill to drill a hole to hang up our nest boxes… we LOVED that bit!

Next week, we have to make a hinge for our roof and paint our nest boxes with a special safe wood preservative, to stop the weather getting in. It will also protect our nest box. We were very proud of our nest boxes and we took them back to the classroom to show our class and our teachers.