One of the new initiatives for this year is to start growing our own fruit and veg at school. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to take part, grow their own food from seed and enjoy more learning outside of the classroom!

In order for the scheme to work well, we needed the beds to be close to the classrooms so they are easily accessible and children can go and work there  without a teacher.

Outside all of the Year 3 and 4 classroom are some rather sad looking beds. These have some very woody shrubs planted there and little else. These are a perfect spot as right outside the classroom! Also all the parents waiting to pick up or drop off will be able to see them and watch their progress… and possibly do a bit of planting and weeding while they wait!

The ground was very hard and compacted and there were some wooden fences concreted into the ground. The whole area would need to be cleared so Mr Chadwick and WildlifeKate could build the beds.

Today, we had some great volunteers who came to help… a HUGE thank you to Brian, Annette, Alan, Claire, David and Joe who  worked SO hard today! They managed to get all the fencing out and clear the beds.

We replanted any good plants down in the WildLearning Area.

We will be building some raised beds in these areas and hope to be up and running after Easter…. so keep an eye on our blog and website for updates.