This week, Green Team worked on their nest boxes, putting the final coat of preservative on them, ready to protect them for the weather. All that is left now is for the hinge to be created for the lid.



Next we had a bit of a building challenge! We had a little greenhouse to construct! We are going to be growing some fruit and vegetables from seed so this little greenhouse will help us get germination started! We unpacked all the bits from the box and read the instructions. We carefully followed the instructions and put it all together. It then had a plastic cover to go on top. This will keep it warm in there. We were proud to have built this ourselves!


We also planted up some strawberry plants that were growing in the courtyard and Brian from the allotment Society cams and showed up how to plant some potatoes up. We put the potato in the bottom of the pot and just covered it with soil. When the shoots pop up, we have to cover it with soil again. We keep doing that until the soil is at the top of the pot. Then we water it and the potatoes will grow under the ground in the pot.

Next week, we are going to plant some more seeds hopefully!

You can see more photos from Green Team on our Flickr Set HERE