The Green Team are very proud of their nest boxes that they made themselves. All that was left to do was to create a hinge on the lid. We did this, using strips of leftover pond liner. We fixed it on with drawing pins.

When we had finished our boxes, we all had our picture taken with them and the WWF Panda! This panda is spending time with WildlifeKate, helping her teach children all about Earth Hour on Saturday 29th. That is when we are all asked to turn off our lights for one hour to symbolise how powerful we all are if we work together!

We were all very proud of the finished nest boxes!

We worked together to make out nest boxes and now it was time to put them outside! WildlifeKate and Mrs Pitts helped us carry the ladder and we looked at all the trees around. We each chose the tree we wanted out nest box to go on and decided whereabouts we wanted on the tree. WildlifeKate climbed up and fixed out boxes up. They looked great! We can see all these boxes from the playground so we will be able to keep an eye on them to see if anything nests in them.