The weather was pretty bad on Tuesday, so the Green Team spent some time inside this week. We learnt about hedgehogs… where they live, what they eat and what we can do at home and at school to help  create good places for them to live. We looked at some pictures of hedgehogs and learnt that they have over 5000 spines! We were surprised it was that many!

We then made some hedgehog cakes! There was a lot of mixing to do to make sure they rose well in the oven.

We put some mixture into little cake papers and popped them in our new little portable ovens. We were able to watch them cook, which was amazing! At first they went like a liquid, then gradually they started to rise!


We also made some butter icing to go on the top, to make the hedgehog’s back.  WildlifeKate had a selection of different sprinkles and we could choose which ones to use on our yummy hedgehogs.

The time whizzed past and  some of our cakes just stayed as normal cakes as we only had time to make 2 or 3 hedgehog ones.

Everyone who came past said how lovely they smelt and that they wanted to eat them, but we were taking them home… they looked very yummy!