A few weeks ago, we were very sad to lose two of our school hens. They died suddenly and we were not sure why. We bought some medicine for the remaining thereto make sure they did not have any internal parasites and that they remained fit and healthy. These three seems absolutely fine, so we decided we would like some new, young hens to join them. WildlifeKate went to Hoar Park Farm, which is nearby as they had some  bantams for sale. These hens are used to being handled and being around people. She chose 2 lovely girls for us!

These girls are both Peking Bantams. You can tell by their small size and the feathers over their feet like big, feathery shoes! The grey one is a Cuckoo Peking bantam and the brown one is a Gold Partridge Peking Bantam.

These girls have settled in really quickly and seem to have been accepted by the others as part of our Michael Drayton family!! The Animal Care Mentors are doing a wonderful job of supervising their care and  they were able to name our new girls. They are called  ‘Charlie’ and ‘Lola’ !

P1030645 P1030644 P1030643