As part of our Wild Learning at Michael Drayton, we keep animals in school. We have 7 chickens, 2 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs and the whole school shares in the responsibility of their care. With over 500 pupils, this may seem a huge task, but actually it all runs very smoothly thanks to the Animal Care Mentors. The Animal Care Mentors (ACMs) are Year 6 pupils who are trained up in the care of these animals. These children have to apply for this important job, filling in an application form and a letter of application, explaining why they would be good for the job.  We had some superb applications this year and this new ACM team are already showing how efficient they are and how they work brilliantly as a team to care for our animals.

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These children are responsible for feeding, watering, cleaning and caring for the animals, as well as introducing the care of these animals to other pupils. The classes work through a rota system, ‘being on duty’ for a week at a time and working with the ACMs to look after the animals.

These creatures bring so many positives to the school, both on an educational and a pastoral level. When organised and monitored efficiently, keeping animals in school brings benefits that far outweigh the organisation and time needed…. you only have to watch our children interact with them to see that….