Our GrowZone managed to survive the summer holidays, thanks to Brian and Annette who came and watered and harvested some of our vegetables. We have spent this week harvesting the courgettes (that grew into marrows!), lots and lots of runner beans, swede and potatoes. Our cabbages rather suffered due to an infestation of caterpillars.

The year 4 pupils are doing their topic on the Anglo-Saxons, who obviously grew all their own food… there was no Asda to nip to when you ran out! This year, the Year 4 pupils will be using our home-grown harvest within their topic work… to grow make a Saxon vegetable broth! This week, the pupils harvested, washed, cut, blanched and bagged up the vegetables so we could freeze them ready to make the broth in a few weeks.

The pupils loved preparing all the vegetables and did a great job!

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Due to the rather rich soil we planted our carrots in, they grew a little too well….. in fact, several carrots in one! They looked SO funny, we thought that they would make a great Carrot Crew! Some of the Yr 4 pupils took their pens to this crop and came up with these great characters!..

Nothing goes to waste… the peelings and seedy centres of the marrow were then taken to our rabbits and chickens who really enjoyed the feast!

There is something very special about planting the seeds, growing the veg, harvesting and then eating what we have grown!…. the Saxons certainly have a thing or two to teach us about healthy outdoor living and healthy eating!