The new Wildlife Club of Year 4 pupils got stuck right in on their first meeting as we went round school collecting up all the bird feeders. They all needed a good clean, overhaul and then needed to be filled up. We have several different feeding stations around school, so we went and collected them all and brought them back to our courtyard.

P1060901 P1060902

We emptied all of the old bits of seed out and discarded some of the feeders which have been ruined by the squirrel! We then looked at all the different types of food we have and learnt and bit about what they all are and which species they might attract. We had fat balls, but these had nets on. Nets can trap birds and get caught around their legs, so we took all of the nets off of ours.

P1060906 P1060908 P1060913 P1060916

We carefully filled up all the feeders and then re positioned them all around school. We are excited to see which birds will arrive and make the most of the yummy treats on offer!


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