Year 3 pupils welcomed two different types of owls into their classrooms today to help them with some writing they are going to be doing. The Year 3s are going to be doing some instructional texts about owls looking after their young and today they learnt how owls are well adapted to hunting. An owl has to hunt for food to feed its young and Barn owls will hunt to catch mice and voles. Debbie and Steve, some of WildlifeKate’s friends bought their tame Barn owl and Tawny owl for us to have a close look at. Mollie the Barn owl even flew in the classroom! Barn owls have specially adapted feathers that have a zig-zag type edge so the air flows through the feather. This helps them fly completely silently!

WildlifeKate explained lots of other adaptations, including their excellent hearing, talons, long legs, good eyesight and sharp beak.

We really loved looking closely at the owls and learning all about them. We should be able to write some excellent descriptive writing now!

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