Feeding the birds is a fantastic way of getting children engaged with the wildlife in the school grounds and there are endless curriculum possibilities linking with this. We have a bird feeding station in our WildLearning Area, by our hide, but it is not easily viewable by all children, unless they make a visit to the area as it is not viewable from the school building. Last year we set up a temporary feeding station by the school hall and it has proved popular both by the birds and the children.

Today we revamped this feeding station, moving it to a small corner section by the same hall windows.


Using the wall, 3 brackets were screwed in, so we can hang a selection of feeders there. We also moved the bird table and put in a perch tied to a post.



We are feeding lots of different types of food and hope to attract a variety of visitors. It is next to the school carpark, but there are trees and greenery behind.

P1070858 P1070867

Our new Feeding Station can be seen whenever children are in the hall and they line up for their lunch by the windows and have lots of time to watch visitors.

P1070865 P1070864