Tonight the Photography Club headed over to the High School to see if they could have a go at photographing the pigs and sheep they have on site. It was going to be a challenge…. the animals moved around very quickly and the light was fading…. all good practise for these budding photographers!

We started at the pig pen… two young and quite hungry pigs who did not stop moving around meant the photographers had to be quick. Looking for that low angle, we held the cameras down between the bars of the enclosure trying to keep out the way of their muddy snouts!… it was not easy!



We tried for some arty shots and WildlifeKate took these….

P1070901 P1070903

We hoped the sheep might be a bit easier! We could actually get in their run so had more of a chance to get a good shot. Again, we were encouraged to get down to eye level with our subject or even lower, to try to get an interesting shot….. they were still very hard to photograph as we had to be really quick… they moved around so much!

P1070880 P1070922 P1070921

WildlifeKate got a few interesting shots….

P1070894 P1070929 P1070927 P1070877

We will upload ours next week in Photography Club.

Eliot had had a birthday and as he is SO keen, he got a super new camera which he brought today. It is a Samsung one with a detachable lens so he can save up and get a zoom lens. We all agreed that he has the makings of a great photographer in the future and we are looking forward to seeing what he captured today!