Tonight, a new set of children started Wildlife Club. This club is very popular, so it runs for about a half term, then a new set of children can join. For our first meeting we headed down to Hartshill Hayes before it got dark, on a Fungi Foray!


We started the evening with a challenge… who could catch a leaf falling from a tree… it was pretty hard… even when WildlifeKate shook the tree!!!…

P1080144 P1080143

We learnt that fungi help break down all the dead wood and leaf litter, by spreading out their roots into the decaying amateur to absorb all the goodness. The best places to look for them would be on rotting stumps and at the base of trees. We found it hard to spot them at first, but gradually we got better and soon we were spotting loads of them…. yellow, orange and even some beautiful purple ones!!

We also really enjoyed being out in the woods….

We had all spent time in Hartshill Hayes but none of us had ever noticed all the beautiful fungi around… we will be looking out for it next time we are there!