Today, my Green Team created their own Bird Feeders, made out of cans and string!

First we coated the outside of the can with glue and carefully wound string around it to create an attractive coating…..

We kept going until we had covered all the ridged part of the can with string. We coated it with plenty of glue as this would dry like a varnish.

Next, we took the lid and bent it over the edge of the table to create an end to the can and a perch for the bird….


Next, WildlifeKate used the glue gun to glue the end on our can…

Finally, we punched two holes in the top of the can so we could thread some sting through to hang up our feeders. We are leaving them to dry over the week and we will put them up next week! We hope the birds like them!

P1080137 P1080139