With The Big Schools’ Bird Watch getting close, Green Team and Wildlife Club got into the spirit by making some tasty treats for our birds! At this time of the year, birds need high energy foods to keep them going through cold winter days and nights as natural food supplies are short.

We collected a range of bird foods, including peanuts, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and some wholemeal bread. We crumbled up the bread and mixed it in with all the different seeds. Using softened lard, we then mixed all the seed into the lard. Some of us used a wooden spoon… others of us were happy to get our hands in and get mixing… this is the best way obviously!

Some of us took our feeders home and we placed some in our Bird Feeding Station at school so we could check out which visitors like them. We have a camera on our bird table so we can watch it in the entrance hall. We will be doing our Big Schools’ Birdwatch on the 2nd and 3rd February.