Tuesday’s Green Team were raring to go and we decided to start preparing for our Grow Zone. We have to start as early as possible as we want to be harvesting before the summer holidays. The Green Team had a look through all the lovely seeds we have been given. Many of these have been given to us from the  local Allotment Society. There were lots of different exciting fruit and vegetables… some we had not even heard of!!

We started by setting up some potatoes to chit. We had received these from The Potato Council. They organise a School Competition! We have to leave our potatoes out on egg trays to get the sprouts to harden before we plant them. Miss Simpkin from the High School joined us as well.  We are going to be working with her and some of her pupils over the coming months.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.32.13

We want to be as eco as possible, so we wanted to make out own pots and we used newspaper. Folding it and then wrapping it around a toilet roll, we then folded the base inside and squished it down to form a base. The great thing about these little pots is that we can pop them in a tray of water and the newspaper soaks it up and when the plants have grown, we can plant them into the ground, in the pot. The pots will then gradually rot.

Once we had made our pots, we went outside and filled them with soil. We then came inside, made little labels and chose what we would like to grow. We carefully planted our seeds. We placed them in recycled plastic containers and put water in the base, so it soaked up into our pots.

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We are excited to be planting and we can’t wait to see what grows. We might have our own garden bit so we can grow our plants away from the main Grow Zone!!