Monday and Tuesday Green Teams visited Miss Simpkin and her students up at Hartshill High School this week with WildlifeKate. As part of their Rural Studies part of the curriculum, the school keep a variety of animals. The pupils help look after them and learn all about their care, life cycles and much more! They have several outside areas, with sheep, two young pigs and some hens. They also have an inner courtyard and here there is a large shed. Inside there are lots of different animals that we had the chance to see, hold and ask questions about! Some of the creatures we saw included; parrot, lovebirds, gecko, terrapin, hamster, rat, Chinchilla, ferret, ducks, rabbit and chickens. We helped to feed them and we even took the ferret for a walk on his lead!

When we had visited and learnt about all the animals, we came back into the classroom and all planted some Sweet pea seeds with Miss Simpkin’s Yr 11 class. They are going to be grown for a competition! We are going to grow more back in school in our Grow Zone!