Tuesday Green Team were busy in the Grow Zone this week. We had a bed full of strawberry plants and we want to grow these in a different area. Green team learnt how to dig up the strawberry plants and how to plant them into pots. They will stay in these pots until they are ready to be planted into their new area.

We had also signed up to a potato growing challenge from The Potato Council. They provide us with the potatoes and back bags to grow them in. We had chittted them (let the spouts harden off) and this week we half filled the black bags with soil and popped the potatoes inside. We had to just cover them with soil. Each week, we look to see if they have grown and we cover them with more soil if they have. We keep doing that until the black bag is full up with the soil. We then keep watering our potatoes and hefty, we can harvest them and weigh them and see how heavy a crop we have grown! Then it will be time to cook them and have a lovely potato lunch!