No one in the Green Team had ever planted a tree, so when Mrs Haldane dug up a flowering cherry tree from her garden and offered it to school, we thought it was a great idea.

Green team had to dig a hole for the tree. Luckily its roots were not too deep, so it did not take too long to dig a hole for it. We then wheel-barrowed some compost soil from the grow zone beds into the hole so there was lots of goodness in there for the tree. We also watered the hole really well before we put the tree in. We then shovelled the soil back into the hole and bedded the tree in. Watering it again for the last time, we hope that it will settle and continue to grow.

We had a circ;e of turf left over and lots of worms! We took them into the hens and they LOVED their new snack bar :o)