We are delighted that we have got through to the Solar Schools Competition Final! Eco-Crew all designed a nest box for the competition and we sent them all off. They received hundreds of entries and chose just 10 from all over the UK. MacKenzie’s Astro-Turf nest box design was the one chosen. We had to then make the box and send it off to be judged.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 21.15.18

If this design is chosen as the winner, then we win Solar panelling for school!!

MacKenzie and WildlifeKate made his nest box today. Mr Chadwick had kindly cut up all the wood into the correct sizes and Mackenzie worked hard to cut out all of the astro-turf and staple it all into place on his box. He had also designed a little inspection and cleaning hatch. We made a little leather hinge on this before covering it.



This will now be sent off and we just have to wait with our fingers crossed, to hear if we have won!!! I think we are in with a good chance!