We are all pretty excited at school as WildlifeKate led two assemblies to tell us all about the chicks we are going to hatch in school! We have bought an incubator for school and we will be incubating 7 fertile eggs in here. WildlifeKate went to Hoar Park Children’s farm and picked up some hatching eggs … all different breeds of  bantam so we will have some very pretty , different coloured chicks! We will keep some of these in school, some may go to Hartshill High and some to other schools that WildlifeKate works with.

In assembly, we learnt about the difference between the eggs we buy from the supermarket and those that are from hens where a cockerel is present. We buy infertile eggs… they only have half the information needed to make a chick as only the female is present. When there is a cockerel present and the hen and cockerel mate, the egg will have all the necessary information inside to make a chick… these eggs are called ‘fertile’ eggs.

We learnt that it takes 21 days for a chick to develop inside an egg and that its heart is beating after just 2 days of incubation! We also watched this cool video….

We also have one of our hens, Lola, that has become ‘broody’. This means that she wants to sit on and incubate some eggs. WildlifeKate has brought in 3 fertile eggs from her hens for her to sit on and hatch. We can then watch how she looks after them. We will all look after the ones that hatch out of our incubator. Lola’s eggs will be due to hatch around Bank Holiday weekend.


Our school incubator ones will go in next week and will be due to hatch around the 11th May.


We are also excited to see the Blue tit has returned to our camera nest box and has started building a nest. The camera can be seen in the school entrance hall outside the office, so we can all keep checking on the progress!

IMG_1463 IMG_1462