We are all hoping for some nice warm weather as lots of our plants we have already planted have not liked the cold weather. We need some lovely warm sunshine now to get everything growing fast in the next 7 weeks!

This week we have planted lots of new things into our class plots. WildlifeKate has grown lots of things in her greenhouse and we have had some lovely donations from parents and grandparents of spare plants from greenhouses and allotments! If you have any fruit of veg plants that your child would like to plant into their class bed, then please send them into school… we welcome any donations!

The Year 6 started planting up their beds and we are trying to source some more soil for the remaining beds that we have built so we can get planting up those. It has proved quite difficult to organise as we have a source for the soil… all compost from your brown bins, but we need a lorry to deliver it.

In the meantime, we can plant up the areas that we do have ready and it is great to see lots of pupils out in the mornings, when they get to school, watering and tending their beds and the plants they have put in.

This week we have planted: sunflowers, gooseberry , red current, gourds, sweet peas, courgette, squash, tomatoes, curly kale, cabbage,  and some seeds of salad leaves and perpetual spinach.

The rhubarb is looking good and Green Team are going to make Rhubarb crumble next week! Yum!

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