With beautiful Autumnal sunshine, Wildlife Kate and the Green team headed to Hartshill Hayes for a spot of fungi hunting. The boys were not sure what a fungus was, so WildlifeKate explained that Fungi are very special, with members ranging from the familiar mushrooms to brewer’s yeasts, the mould that grows on rotting fruit and the infection that causes athlete’s foot. Fungi are found in every habitat and the mushroom type ones appear in woodlands in Autumn as they help to break down rotting wood. We talked about these not being like the mushrooms we can eat. Many that we find in the woods are poisonous, so we don’t touch them and we definitely don’t eat them!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 09.56.25

The boys were soon hunting for signs of fungi and discovered lots in the woods! All sorts from little finger-like ones, to whole ‘Smurf villages’ as one described them as!

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We really enjoyed learning about everything in the woods and we even saw a Jay! It was collecting acorns! Jays help Oak trees grow by burying acorns in the ground for when food is scarce. Sometimes they forget where they buried it and it can then grow!